Hello everyone! We have new English interview!!!!! It is with (Travelling Beer) Farah Daibes who has travelled to a lot of countries and tried every beer, she found. Farah Daibes is a vivacious traveler from Palestine. She travels while she has full time job!

Can you tell about yourself? How you decide to travel like that? What was your plans at first moment before start Travelling Beer? What was push you for trip, how you get that beer idea… etc 🙂

I’m Farah, an Arab woman working on developing a beer belly and a hell of a story to tell my grandchildren one day. To do so, I have adopted a get-off-your-office-chair-every-once-in-a-while-and-experience-the-world-with-a-beer-in-your-hand lifestyle. ​I launched Travelling Beer in 2016 as an Instagram account with the noble quest of tasting as many beers as possible in as many places as possible. Using my not-so-professional Samsung phone, I began sharing photos of the beers I drank in the places I’ve been to. Slowly I began to realize that Travelling Beer could have a bigger impact than I thought. Now, my noble quest has become bigger than myself. Along with tasting ALL the beer and visiting ALL the places, I intend to challenge stereotypical ideas about the Middle East while promoting beer culture and tourism in the region.

Travelling Beer

When did you start this travel? How many city you have been? What was the first city, you went? And why you choose these cities? Which countries and cities you have been? Which countries your favorites and which one you don’t like? And Why?

I’ve been travelling a lot since my mid-twenties. Counting how many cities I’ve been to might be a bit difficult but I’ve been to 23 countries so far. The first country I’ve ever travelled to was Palestine, where I originally come from. Since then, I’ve been to many other Arab countries like UAE, Egypt and Lebanon, and to many counties in Europe such as France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg among others. In the far-east, I’ve visited Sri Lanka and India. I can’t say that I’ve disliked any of the countries I’ve visited and I have so many favorite ones. My favorites are because of the things I experienced on my trips rather than the actual county though. In Norway, for example, seeing the northern lights was absolutely magnificent. Croatia’s cities were among the most charming. Sri Lanka’s breathtaking scenery at every corner puts it on the top of the list. And in Jordan, Wadi Rum would be the highlight that puts the county on everyone’s favorite country list.

Travelling Beer

Why beer? do you know how many beer you tested? And do you remember your best beers and worsts? 🙂 Do you remember coolest bottle designs you saw?

Because beer is the best beverage in the world! I would love to tell you how many beers I’ve tasted but unfortunately I stopped keeping track. In the craft beer community there quiet a few crazy and creative designs coming out now. My favorite of those often have octopuses on them.

How do you finance yourself? Do you work freelance or do you save money before travel? Do you travel alone?

My full-time job pays for my travelling. I take a few vacations each year often with friends.

Travelling Beer

Could you tell us which food you loved on trip and which one was horrible 🙂 Did you try some exotic, weird foods? Which countries best for eat and beer?

Well without a doubt, the best beer country I’ve been to was Belgium. As for the best country for food, it would have to be tie between Italy and Croatia, both with extraordinary food options where ever you go.

Could you tell us some good and bad stories/memories happened to you or you saw from your travel?

The good memories are so many and the bad are so little. The good would include being lucky enough to see the northern lights within 15 minutes of arriving at our Airbnb in Tromso, swimming with sea turtles and seeing a wild elephant family in Sri Lanka, spending my first camping trip in a festival in Croatia, travelling with my best friend for the first time in Paris… and so much more. The bad would include getting very sick on new year’s eve in Rome (but spending the best night anyway), getting a bitten by a tick in Sri Lanka and getting two phones lost (or stolen) in Barcelona… but all the bad put together is worth a second I spend somewhere new.

Travelling Beer

If you travel alone, could you tell us advantage and disadvantage to travel alone?

I’ve actually never travelled alone, but I would love to do it someday.

Do you think travelling other cultures, countries, cities make you or people better in some points?

Of course I do! I think being a culturally-sensitive and understanding person is essential in today’s world. It’s important in every aspect of a person’s life, from professional development to making good friends. Travelling helps accelerate the personal development in that matter.

Travelling Beer

Do you have anything to say or any advice to people who want to travel?

All I can say is that if you want to travel nothing should stop you. You can travel on any budget you have. You can travel to the countries you don’t need a visa to, if that’s an issue for you. And you can always discover more of your own country if travelling abroad is difficult.

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