Food in Japan – Written by Elena Bork

Don’t get me started on the food. It is truly amazing and delicious. Even the sortiments in a small market caught our attention with the signs which we cannot read but we definitely enjoyed the colourful display of the food and drinks there. And when it comes to the traditional Japanese food, we tried almost everything. Fresh fish at the fish market.

Ramen at a traditional ramen place where only five persons can sit in a row next to the chef and watch how your noodle soup is being prepared.

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Okonomyiaki, where you can prepare the famous salty pancakes with the delicious mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce on the hot plate in front of you.

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Japanese BBQ where you can grill your own vegetables and meat. If you are a meatlover, you will not forget the wonderful taste of the meat served there. You should definitely try the expensive beef and the famous kobe beef.

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Tempura, the deep-fried specialty, which tastes amazing.

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And especially sushi with fresh raw fish at a small restaurant with a pending table in front of you. When it comes to food, there is a great variety of delicious things which you have to try if you do not know them and we can say that we tried a lot of things and we enjoyed every single one of them, be it salty or sweet. It is unbelievable how much food you can enjoy in Japan.

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